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The Institute of Human Anatomy is a private human cadaver lab that teaches various healthcare professionals with the use of real human cadavers. Our goal is simple — teach as many people as possible about the one thing they carry with themselves 24/7, for the entirety of their lives — their body.

Founded in 2012, The Institute of Human Anatomy is a private human cadaver lab dedicated to providing anatomical, physiological, health, wellness, and fitness education to health professionals, pre-license students, and through social media, the general public.

Our mission is simple; educate as many people as possible about the one thing we all carry with us for the entirety of our lives — our bodies.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do and provide hundreds of hours of free anatomically awesome content through all of our social media platforms advancing our mission globally one post at a time.

Our facility, based in Salt Lake City, UT, specializes in the utilization of human cadavers as instruments for anatomical education and is a physical classroom and an education production studio.

We work directly with career and vocational colleges, accrediting agencies, medical device companies, and individual healthcare and wellness professionals to further advance education and medical understanding of the human body and its many systems.

Jonathan Bennion

Co-Founder/Director of Education/Lead Dissector/Anatomist/MPA-C

Jonathan found his love for teaching in 2008 while attaining his degree in Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah. During his pre-medical coursework, he took an anatomy course, eventually was asked to be a teaching assistant, and immediately fell in love with teaching and learning about the human body. During his time at the University of Utah, Jonathan spent many hours in the cadaver lab receiving training in teaching and dissection. For the last 15 years, Jonathan has continued to teach anatomy and physiology at multiple schools and at the Institute of Human Anatomy after he founded it in 2012. He has his Master of Physician Assistant degree and works as a medical provider in Urgent Care. When Jonathan is not teaching, dissecting, or working with patients he enjoys rock climbing, basketball, and traveling.

Justin Cottle

Lab Director/Dissector/Instructor/LMT

Justin is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps Infantry, as well as a fully Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Utah. He discovered his passion for human anatomy and physiology while in school to become a licensed massage therapist at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2011. After graduating in 2012, he became a Teaching Assistant for Jonathan Bennion, where his love for anatomy grew to even greater depths, and led him to start teaching at the Institute of Human Anatomy in 2013. He has taught at multiple trade schools in the state, including Healing Mountain Massage School, Intermountain Massage Therapy College, as well as the Utah College of Massage Therapy from 2013-2019, where he also served as the Director of Education. In his spare time, Justin enjoys challenging games of chess, hiking in the mountains, playing acoustic guitar, and spending quality time with his family.

Jeremy Jones

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur and thrives on new ventures and experiences. He has a BS from the University of Utah and an MBA from Brigham Young University. He has engaged in a wide variety of industries from restaurant, retail, and manufacturing, to real estate, fitness, and technology. He is passionate about learning and education and the opportunity to provide today’s healthcare professionals access to this type of educational experience was something that he could not resist. Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, camping, canyoneering, trail running, and cold plunging in the great outdoors and is an avid fan of the beautiful game. 

Cadaver Use Policy

The Institute of Human Anatomy (IOHA) takes the donation and care of our cadavers very seriously. We work with a number of cadaver providers and adhere to all protocols associated with their use. We are incredibly grateful to those that make the selfless decision to donate their bodies to medical and educational study. We are humbled by the ability to provide millions of people across the globe with knowledge of human anatomy and physiology with the utmost respect for those that make it possible.

From the earliest days of cadaveric study the Latin phrase, Mortui vivos docent (the deceased teach the living), has been a guiding principle in medical schools all over the world. As human beings living on this planet, one thing we all have in common is our physical bodies. We live in an accelerated time of medical learning and technological advancement and yet millions of people, due to a number of variables, do not understand some basics of their very own anatomy.

Our purpose at IOHA is to educate as many people that we can about human anatomy and physiology. We could not do this without those that donate. We have great respect for those that do and for their families. It is an amazing opportunity to teach so many people and our gratitude to those that make it possible is immeasurable. Thank you, donors. You are making a positive impact on millions of people.